Welcome to Clarendon Vale Neigbourhood Centre

The Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood Centre is a safe welcoming space for all the Clarendon Vale/ Clarence Plains community and its surrounds. Designed by the community for the community CVNC can be used as a meeting space to enjoy a coffee, become involved in a program or service, access support or even volunteer in the local area.

 CVNC’s mission is to bring people together to create conversations that create change.

The centre does this through providing a space where community members and other individuals passionate about Clarendon Vale and Clarence Plains can come together. At CVNC people voice their opinions and ideas and work together to continue to build a friendly and supportive community, where individuals and families can achieve their own goals, creating strong links between community members and a culture of care.

Core Principles

The Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood Centre works within a set of core principles that are designed to ensure the centre delivers a constant quality service and achieve the best possible outcomes for the community and service users. These principles include promotion of fairness and equality, protection of rights, access to services and opportunities for participation. Not only are these principles necessary for service delivery they also support requirements for government departments and funding organisations to demonstrate funds have been used for the purpose intended.


Objectives of the Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood Centre are:

  • Connect community
  • Support people
  • Create opportunity
  • Local leadership.

These objectives provide a clear understanding of what the centre aims to achieve. Achievement of these objectives indicate that the centre is fulfilling its purpose.

The objectives of the centre underpin program and service development and are further guided by community wants and needs.


The Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood Centre’s philosophy is based off the core principles and objectives outlined above and reflects the values and beliefs behind the service. The Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood Centre is a place where everyone is welcome, it provides opportunities to learn and meet new people in a safe, relaxing environment. It is a place where members of the community can come and voice their suggestions about their community. The Neighbourhood Centre provides a venue for information, support and other services to assist the community to make Clarendon Vale a better place to live.

Opening Hours








9.00 – 4.00

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9.00 – 4.00

9.00 – 4.00